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Hyatt Creative Group

Let us help tell your story

Hyatt Creative Group is a team of designers, web developers, storytellers, and strategists. For over a decade, we've helped businesses create honest, emotional connections using strategic planning, brand development, graphic & web design, social media, story telling and intelligent media buys.


We Have The Best Clients

We work with exceptional clients who demonstrate a commitment to exceeding their customer expectations. We believe when you focuss on your customers, everything else is pretty easy.

Is there a strong demand for your products and services? We'll work with you to ensure you have product/market fit. Are you priced right? What is your target market. How do we reach and connect with your customers? Creativity is key. It's something we are known for.


We create connections with your customers by telling your story. What are you selling? Why should they want it? Why should they buy from you? What makes your products special?

We believe in brevity. Good design is important. Consistency even more so. A picture really is worth a thousand words and carefully executed online video can be even more effective. And while it's great to be able to tell a good story, it's even more important that people see it.

How does your target market receive their infomation? We figure that out and then execute a plan that shares your story wherever your customers congregate. We can create your websites and social media campaigns. We can create ads and get you on the front page of Google with SEO. We can create visuals, photography, editorial and video that is highly effective and utilized across multiple mediums. 

Our goal is to help you maximize every dollar you invest in marketing and we will do it with style and creativity.


We create websites that tell your story, showcase your products and make things more efficient.


We'll craft a compelling story that helps you connect with your target market.


Your brand is a piece of your story. We will bring it all together across all mediums.

Social Media

Want outsized marketing returns? Social media works. We'll create the plan and execute it.


A picture is worth a thousand words. We can help create a photo library that fits your brand and is consistent with your story.


Study after study proves that video is a powerful sales tool. We can write, cast and shoot powerful video that generates sales.

Digital Advertising

Efficient and measurable. We can help get your story out to your target market across all platforms and apps.


Want to reach people at the exact moment they are looking for your product? SEO is important and we can make sure you show up!

Eye Candy

Check back for regular updates of our work or contact us today to get started on growing your company's sales.

NYC - Photos by Ben Hyatt

Get to know us.

Our Team

Hyatt Creative Group (HCG) is a boutique firm led by founder Ben Hyatt. Initial consultations are with Ben. If your project is one where he feels we can have an outsized impact we will put together a pitch and proposal which will include the necessary team members to execute it. HCG has relationships with professionals in areas of design, PR, branding, web development, social media, copyrighting and more.  We have capacity for a limited number of projects each year and enjoy working with innovative, forward looking companies that put their customers first.

Hyatt Creative Group

Where we work

Our office is located in Santa Barbara, California which is centrally located between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  We enjoy working with creative, team players who are great at what they do, no matter where they live. With technology, we can work in markets around the world with team members on multiple continents. At times a project requires travel. If budget allows and it's important to the success of the project, this is something we are happy to do.

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Interested in working with us? We're always looking for interesting new projects, talented team members and innovative vendors. Please reach out to us through the form below or on one of our social media channels.

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